Cafe NG Kinsky

Date: 2016
Phase: realized
Client: Cafe NG Kinsky & Ristorante Sapori
Location: Prague 1 / CZ
Cooperation: interior design with Jullien Procházka / Ristorante Sapori
Photo: Tereza Srbová /

The restaurant Café NG Kinský can be found in the historical center of Prague on the Old Town Square. It is located in the building of the National Gallery, in Kinsky Palace. The restaurant is fot its facilities, locations and exceptional cuisine ideal for social and corporate events, family or birthday celebrations, seminars, training, corporate meetings or joint lunch for larger groups of people. Thanks to privacy and romantic atmosphere in the lounge, the restaurant Café NG Kinský is suitable for anniversaries, engagement and graduation. You can book part of the restaurant area for small groups or the whole restaurant for big events.